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Lalanova is the small studio of Kat Maass specializing in custom designed Word Press websites for small businesses, start-ups & people like you. Don't be fooled by our country location, Lalanova is working with people from all over the world. Please write to to discuss your project. I would be delighted to hear from you.

Featured Projects

  • Lunenburg Heritage Society
    Non-profit society

    Preserving and promoting Lunenburg’s unique heritage and telling the story of its cultural, social and economic development. > view website

    Lunenburg Heritage Society /

    Non-profit society

  • Knips Photography
    Contemporary Children's Photography

    Not your typical portrait.> view website

    Knips Photography /


  • RaspberryJAM
    Crazy Cosmetic Bags

    Bring back the vintage look with Raspberry JAM's fabulous cosmetic bags. >view website

    RaspberryJAM /

    Crazy Cosmetic Bags

  • Lidgard Photography
    Expressive Interpretations

    Buy a piece of Sabe Island from this fabulous online shop.>view website

    Lidgard Photography /

    Expressive Interpretations



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